Mission and Goals

Professional Mission Statement:

As an environmental professional I will conduct myself with an open mind as an inspiring leader in my field as well as motivate others around me to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Professional Goals Statement:

My interest in science began when I was a child. I participated in science competitions in middle school and continued to excel in science through out high school. It wasn’t until my senior year when I decided I wanted to pursue a career in science. It was at this time that I took an AP Biology course and was inspired to pursue an education in environmental science.

When I was accepted into California State University Monterey Bay, I knew it was the perfect school for my interests. I began as a marine science student and decided I wanted to work with everything and anything related to the natural environment, leading me to the environmental studies department. Majoring in environmental studies allows me to be more conscious about my impact on this planet and how I can help others reduce their impact as well. I love everything about this department at CSU Monterey Bay. This major has allowed me to learn how to work well in large groups and how to reach out to my community and get involved. Additionally, it has taught me to be more organized and diligent with my work.

I have always had a deep passion for the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary. Being able to live next to the world’s largest marine sanctuary is an honor and a constant reminder to continue to protect the precious organisms that depend on it. Therefore, a particular interest of mine is reducing our waste that enters the ocean and monitoring our water that flows into it. I have had the amazing opportunity to work with the Surfrider Foundation – Monterey Chapter and am beyond passionate about their two main programs, Rise Above Plastics and Know Your H2O. The people that I have met through Surfrider inspire me every day to make a difference in this world and to strive to be a better citizen. I have spent many service hours working with them at public outreach events, beach cleanups, and private meetings. This opportunity has helped me strengthen my oral communication skills and collaborative thinking. It has also enhanced my critical thinking abilities and my confidence in my knowledge of environmental science topics. I truly enjoy working with the community and being able to educate others about the importance of preserving our surrounding environment for future generations to come.

I have also had an internship with a small company out of Virginia, Itri Corporation. With this corporation I worked on strengthening my scientific writing skills by working on monthly progress reports (for our sponsors) and several different types of documents (such as brochures, information packets, and an annual report). I also became a Meteorological UAS flight engineer where I worked beneath my colleagues on thermal imaging projects and practice flights. This job opportunity intensified my ability to communicate on paper, scientifically, and learn at a fast pace. I am forever grateful for the knowledge I gained through this job about meteorology and I look forward to being able to apply this knowledge to my future endeavors.

At CSU Monterey Bay I have had the opportunity to take a wide variety of courses. Because I began as a marine science student, I have completed a decent amount of core science classes, such as: Chemistry, Biology, Oceans, Atmospheres, and Statistics. Now that I am an Environmental Studies student I have excelled in many of my writing classes and environmental science courses. I have maintained an overall average GPA of 3.4. After meeting one of my professors through my first environmental science course, she has continued to inspire me to pursue a career in environmental consulting. I am very interested in all things related to water quality and hope to work towards my master’s degree in Watershed Science here at CSU Monterey Bay. With my master’s degree I then hope to earn a job at a consulting firm and help businesses work towards decreasing their imprint on the environment. I truly enjoy working with the local community and I strongly believe this job choice will be a good fit with my skill sets and passion for the environment.


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